Parish Pastoral Plan

Our Pastoral Priorities

The Parish Pastoral Council is entrusted with the responsibility to properly plan and oversee the implementation of the pastoral priorities of the parish.

Evangelisation and Mission

  1. As a parish community to grow in confidence and competence in our mission to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.
  2. To be a parish community which welcomes all who come to us.
  3. To sustain and grow those ministries which help promote our mission, including CCD, RCIA, Children’s Sacramental Programmes, Liturgy, Family Ministry, St Vincent de Paul Conference, Youth Ministry and our Sister Parish in Pekele, Uganda.

Pastoral Care

  1. To be a parish community committed to offering quality pastoral care to all in the community including those who are pregnant, sick, disabled, dying, young, vulnerable, at risk, in their senior years, in grief, in broken or stressed family relationships, in financial hardship.
  2. To be a parish community committed to becoming a safe parish for children and adults.

Spiritually aware and alive

  1. To promote and sustain spiritual growth as a parish community, especially in our commitment to Christ and his mission.
  2. To be a parish community which celebrates the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist with energy, dignity and aliveness.
  3. To be a parish community which celebrates family, faith and civic milestones as one way of integrating faith and life.
  4. To promote the life of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop as an inspiration for all.
  5. To provide nourishment for the different spiritual needs of various cultural and age groups, including infants, children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors, elderly and those in-between.
  6. To involve all parishioners in participating actively to develop their faith.

Marriage and Family life

  1. To become a parish community committed to fostering family life and the inherent strength of good marriages.
  2. To become a parish community inclusive of all people who seek to know Christ and a parish which welcomes all people of good will.
  3. To support, and advocate for, the protection of human life from conception to natural death.
  4. To promote the parish community as a family of faith - sisters and brothers in Christ.

One Community of faith

  1. To become one community of faith with MacKillop Catholic College
  2. To strengthen all relationships with parents and families and staff at College.
  3. To offer parish resources to the College community
  4. To work closely with College staff in the development and faith formation of young lives
  5. To support the College in its aims and directives.
  6. To acknowledge and welcome the College Leadership team as Religious Leadership for both College and Parish.

Financially viable

  1. Develop and grow stronger financial resources to support our ministries.
  2. Develop smarter financial practices.
  3. Become less dependent on the Diocese of Broken Bay for financial support
  4. Pay off the Church and presbytery debt in its proper time.
  5. Where possible, to give financial priority to our mission before maintenance.
  6. Fulfil our financial responsibilities to the Diocese, the various charities that seek our support as well as our Sister parish in Pekele, Uganda.


  1. To become a parish community which values the gifts of each person and which encourages the use of these gifts for the glory of God and building up of the Body of Christ.
  2. To become a parish community which values the training, promotion and financial viability of many parish ministries.
  3. To become a parish community which develops pastoral leadership among the laity, and competence in their skills for ministry.
  4. To express continual gratitude to God and to each other for the plentiful abundance we all share in.

Concerned for and connected to the wider world

  1. To become a parish community which can work closely with civic and religious community agencies to build meaningful dialogue that creates a more just world for all.
  2. To become a parish community which will develop stronger ties with other Christian Churches and with people of other faiths.
  3. Grow the relationship with our sister parish in Uganda
  4. To be a parish community which promotes justice and peace, not only in the world, but also in the parish.
  5. To be a parish community which is committed to the Diocesan Synod and its outcomes.
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