First Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the purpose and mission of Jesus' life and the life of the Church. He said that there are only two commandments: to love God with all our heart, our mind, our strength; and to love our neighbour as ourself. In our lives, we know that, as humans, we struggle in these two relationships. He came to restore our relationships with God and each other.

Through our relationship with Jesus, we have the power to overcome the hurt and the harm, the regret and the disappointment, the failures and fatigue which so often define our relationship with God and with each other. In truth we are a blessed humanity, yet broken and fractured at a deep level. We are a humanity trying in all manner of ways to find peace, healing and togetherness.

In Jesus, we receive a gift of God's forgiveness that brings us a peace and healing that we cannot manufacture ourselves. Communion is the end result of being reconcilied to God and to each other.

Jesus offers us an invitation to receive the fullness of life, not just something halfway or mediocre as if a little will do. To be reconciled with God and with each other is our calling, our destiny, our purpose and our fulfilment in heaven.

First Reconciliation is celebrated in Lent each year by those in Year 3 or older.

In the Diocese of Broken Bay, Reconciliation and Confirmation are necessary steps before receiving First Holy Communion. Confirmation is celebrated in second term.

Dates for 2019: First Reconciliation Monday 24, Tuesday 25, and Wednesday 26 June 2019.


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